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How many Soul contract do we have with one person?

I facilitate workshops on soul contracts.

In these workshops, we examine our contracts with our children, with our spouses, and with our parents, and most importantly - how to change these contracts.

We don’t have one single contract for each person we know. Rather, we have one for each role with that person. For example - we have a contract with our spouse as their spouse but also as parents of our common children. These are two different contracts. We may even have a separate contract for each of our children.

The magic of working on and with soul contracts is, that we can get to the root of our relationship with the important people in our lives and cleanse anything that blocks or hinders it.

Most of the difficulties we experience with other people stem from trauma that was caused in another life. Such traumas control our lives in the 'here and now' as well.

The good news is that you can change this.

What has controlled us in the past should no longer control us in the present; neither in the physical world nor in the spiritual world.

We are able, maybe even obligated, to change our contracts when they are no longer good for us.

And on that note - the best time for that is right now!

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