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Have you heard of karmic compensation?

In a karmic constellation, one can see and reach karmas about compensation. It happens mostly, but not only with spouses.

Compensation karma says that if we were together in a previous incarnation and I hurt you, there is a chance that we will be back together in this incarnation so that you will hurt me.


Some will say to balance, and some will say it is a reward and punishment.

I prefer to look at it presented in Dr. Michael Newton's book: "The Journey of Souls": We are souls embodied in matter. Incarnation means experiencing things in the matter.

When we hurt someone, we experience what it's like to be on the offending side and the other experiences what it's like to be on the "being hurt" side. It's just part of the whole.

The complete experience will be both - both hurting and being hurt.

So if I have hurt you in an incarnation, and in this incarnation, it is appropriate, in terms of my and your spiritual development, we may determine that now you will hurt me, and I will be hurt.

That way, my experience as a soul will be more holistic.

Is every abusive marital relationship based on compensation karma? Definitely not.

Do I have to compensate until the day I die? Until this incarnation is over?


If you came for a session of Karmic constellation and the story of the compensation came up,

It means that your soul is ready to release.

The soul understood the lesson, and it fully experienced the experience,

And it's okay for her to move on to another learning.


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