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Energetic Healing and Parenthood guidance

Energetic healing in parental guidance? You’re not mixing two completely different disciplines?

No. Not at all!

But in order for you to understand why not, first of all we should discuss what is healing. I’ll begin by stating that to write about healing is a bit complex because healing is a framework for many things and space is limited for explaining it in one article.

Everything is energy

At the simplest level – energetic healing is a cure by way of transmitting energy.

We’re all made of energy. Our bodies are energy, the chair on which I sit now is energy at a highly compressed level.

And our thoughts and beliefs are energy.

Everything is energy.

The goal of energetic healing

Among other aspects, the goal of energetic healing is to release and change the forms of energy that are imbedded in our bodies, so that we can form a healthy flow of energy in our bodies

Think for a moment of our blood circulation: blood flows in our bodies in a clear and orderly path. A blood clot that appears in the blood flow halt the flow and might create complications dangerous to the person.

Blood circulation = movement of energy in the body

Blood clot = Beliefs / thoughts that holds you back / illnesses/traumas and more.

The function of energetic healing is to dissolve beliefs / restricted thoughts / illnesses / traumas and more to bring the human being to full functionality.

The connection between this and parental guidance?

The goal of parental guidance is to create better communication and better relations with your children. It requires a change in beliefs and in thoughts, and a change in behavior.

Healing does precisely this. It is an additional utility for strengthening reoccurring processes and for changing patterns of behavior and for creating an additional way to connect to your child.

One of the reasons that I very much love to work with energetic healing is that healing processes, which otherwise often take years, here take place in a very short time. Three healing sessions create a life-change. Sometimes the change is quite significant and, sometimes, it is less so.

Change is always felt, both at the level of the parents who come for treatment and the surrounding family.

Treatment by energetic healing is performed on a massage table (fully clothed) or on Skype. This can be part of the meeting or the entire encounter (depending on the client).

Is energetic healing part of every session?

No, it depends on the client situation.

Then when do I choose energetic healing?

  • When the parents that have reached me feel they are coming apart (physically or mentally) and there is a need to strengthen them to attain a necessary inner-awareness with which to work.

  • When the client request

  • When I believe that this will intensify the treatment process

  • When there is a need for deep spiritual processes (karmic cleansing, gathering of spiritual fragments, deep energetic cleansing, treatment of pregnancy traumas, and more).

If you're curious to know what else I do in my clinic, You’re invited to read the post, “Parental Guidance and Channeling do not go hand-in-hand (?)!”

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