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I see my mother differently

"Since my Karmic Constellation session with you, I see my mother differently," she tells me.

"Really?" I ask her, "What has changed"?

"I can see that she is a human being. She is not just my mother, and I can see the humanity in her. Karmic Constellation has given me a higher perspective on the connection between us."

I'm moved

And I can see she is too.

When you examine a mother-child relationship spiritually, there is a lot within it.

As children, we came to teach and learn from our parents. It is not always easy and simple, and our relationships with them, and especially with our mothers, are complex.

Some time ago my son said to me, " Dad is perfect, you’re not."

I laughed and said to him that it's fine that way, that it's good that he doesn’t see me as perfect.

But I know there are other mothers who would have been deeply offended by this, and it would have affected their relationship and communication with their children.

But for me, the objective is connection and learning. If I’m perfect, my child has nothing to learn from me and I have nothing to learn from him.

I, as a mother, choose to learn from my children, not to be offended by them.


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