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Do you know the law of attraction?

"Money attracted to money", "similar attracted to similar", especially when it comes to relationships.

I think of it in the karmic context, the spiritual context.

As twin souls or soul sisters, who have chosen to roll together as a couple, we will choose families and locations that will bring us together.

I met Ziv, my husband, in the army.

In many ways, we were not "money attracted to money" at all: he had money, and I did not have a penny on my a...

But we were both officers, and we served in the same place.

When our souls chose to experience a relationship with each other, they needed a meeting place, and the basis on which we served is for us this meeting point.

If one of us had been born in another country, there is a good chance we would not have found each other, given the particular nature of both of us.

Does money marry money?


Is this a cultural theme?


But to me, it's because that way it's easier and simpler for souls to find each other.

And yes, there are exceptions.

And we can completely miss the soul, which we have chosen to live within a relationship in our physical life.

As I see it, a relationship is, first and foremost, a choice of the soul.

You could also call it karma.

And only if it fits the karma we have chosen for ourselves in advance as souls will the relationship operate under the laws of "similar attracts similar".


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