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Do you know how promises affect our life and our relationships?

I wanted so much to break free from the promise I had made to m

y son.

When my eldest son, Ohr, was six months old I had a vision. I saw him and me in some tribe somewhere, and I saw myself promising him a better life.

I don't know if I was his mother or just a member of the tribe, I just saw the promise.

It was a vision that showed me the soul contract I have with my son.

It took me many years to break free from that promise.

And why did I want to break free from that promise?

Because promising someone a better life carries within it mostly guilt.

We can promise that we will do our best, but we cannot completely guarantee the quality of life, and the life experiences, certainly not someone else's.

Promising a better life stems from a place of hope, stems from great love and a great sense of responsibility, but it does not take reality into account, the fact that we have no real ability to control this reality, nor does it take into account our next incarnation.

I see it all the time in Karmic Constellations - The contracts we make with our children; the promises, which we have no ability to keep, not just in this life, but in each incarnation we go through.

It is very natural to want a better life experience for our children.

It is very natural to want to have an opportunity, in which we give our children this experience. But - on the spiritual level, it binds and confines us. On the physical level, in this life in a physical body, it introduces helplessness and anxiety into parent-child relationships.

Working with karmic contracts rescinds such contracts.

It brings about a recognition of the reality, that we cannot keep such a promise; it allows us to raise our children with a more present energy; and with less guilt over promises we cannot keep.

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