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Create Positive Karma Now

A Picture I so online caught my eyes

"Create Positive Karma Now"!

When I first read this statement it made me stop and think - to me, that’s a statement that represents the old energy and perception of karma.

It is basically saying that we must stop everything we do for a moment, contemplate our lives and change our actions so that our karma will be better.

What does it mean to change? Not to do anything bad, and even do good.

Be kind to people in need, smile at the people, not to judge, not to criticize, not to gossip and more.

And all this for what? To generate change in your life - bring good karma into your life right now.

The truth is that all of these are really good things to practice. For years I have been kind to people in need, but not to gossip, judge or criticize – I have to admit, I haven’t yet been able to do that.

So, am I screwed? Will I not be able to create good karma in this life or in the next life? Why do I even bother?

First of all, you should bother. Personal development is always good for our well-being, and at the same time, I want to offer another thought.

I want to suggest that you don’t need to create good karma right now. Karma is always good. It comes to teach us, to help us.

And if we want to create change in our lives, maybe instead of creating something new we can just connect to the knowledge that exists within us, and we don't know is there.

After all, if karma relies on our past deeds and previous lives, then these incarnations hold a great deal of karma or in other words - a lot of information.

And if the information from our previous lives led us to struggle with parenting, with money, with relationships, etc., then these past lives also hold information of times in which my parenting was exceptional, when money was abundant and when I had loving relationships.

So if things aren’t going well for you right now it's because you’ve connected with the less favorable energy from your previous lives.

And if you want to change it - you can always connect with the positive energy of your previous lives.

Our past lives have more than just hardship, there is also good, and lots of it.

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