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Connecting with our spiritual guides

We at The_constellation_lab explore our connection with our spiritual guidance.

I lay felts on the floor – one to represent my spiritual guidance and one for me.

I stand on my felt and look at the felt of my spiritual guidance.

I think of my father. I feel anger emerging.

Anger at my father, anger at the world.

My mother also comes to mind.

I lay down felts for everything that arises and wondered:

What is the connection between my spiritual guide and my parents?

I listen to the other participants as they share their experiences from this exercise, and slowly I realize:

The first guides we experience in our lives are our parents. Therefore, a connection to our spiritual guidance is often, unconsciously, associated with our connection to the first guidance we have experienced.

We each lay down felts to represent "me", "my parents" and "my spiritual guidance", then each of us faces herself and her connection or lack of connection with her spiritual guidance, and its connection with her parents and to her parents' parenting.

If you were to ask me a few months ago about your lack of connection with your spiritual guidance or why I sometimes have a hard time with my spiritual guidance, I would not tell you to examine your relationship with your parents.

Today. I would.

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