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The more children move away from their parents, the more they resemble them; and, in contrast, children who accept their parents may go their own way.

This quote from Bert Hellinger's book Acknowledging What Is, touched me deeply.

That's exactly what I've been saying for years in different words, and it felt nice to have confirmation of my ideas.

This week I got an even deeper insight into this concept, which was very significant for my process of learning.

Distance is in thought; it is in attitude.

I understand now that a person may be close to their parents, accept them and sever any connection with them at the same time.

Accepting your parents does not make for a harmonious relationship with them.

I can be completely accepting toward my parents.

I can even love them.

That doesn't mean I have to keep in touch with them. This is a very important realization for me, especially as a parents' counselor (seems contradictory? Well let me reassure you, I am a Gemini - I have no problem with that).

It is an internal realization, which cannot be challenged. It's an experience.

We will forever be our parents' children. Whether we want it or not. Whether we like it or not...

Acceptance and compassion allow us to move forward.

So does love.

And energetic connections have many faces.

They are not always embodied in the same way in the earthliness of life.

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