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Are vows important to the soul and to our karma?

A year ago, during a Constellation Lab session with the Akashic records, something came up that involved a vow.

A vow made thousands of years ago which still had its impact in this incarnation.

Yesterday, in my Meet Your Soul course, I decided to teach a little about vows.

To be honest, I thought it would be a small, insignificant issue in the vastness of the realm of constellations.

Turns out it's not!!

We each carry with us some vow that affects our current incarnation and for that reason working with vows is significant and liberating.

A year ago, in the lab, when the issue of vows came up, my initial reaction was to have the issue holder see a rabbi – so that he may undo her vow.

That's just what I know about dealing with vows.

But we were in the middle of a Constellation Lab, so I found "constellative" ways to undo her vow.

Yesterday, in the course, it was a semi-structured constellation session. I no longer had the need to send anyone to see a rabbi.

And there are so many ways to undo vows.

Each depending on their soul's constellation.

It's amazing - in just a half hour of constellation work, everyone experienced significant healing.

To me, that’s exciting

To the clients it was a healing process that changed there's life

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