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Acceptance, Taking and Life lessons

One of the lessons I keep practicing is my ability to take and receive without guilt, without apologizing. And what a challenging lesson it is.

I work with the Akashic Records through meditation.

They are my path to personal development.

First image: I see a loan shark. He is weighing gold coins with scales.

He tells me, "This is my livelihood. It is legitimate. I have the right to earn and make a living."

I experience his unapologetic male energy, I adore it, and I integrate it into my consciousness, into my being.

I understand -

This man is me in another life.

Second image: I see a child stealing an apple in the market and hiding to eat it.

I wonder how receiving and taking go together with theft.

He tells me, "If I won't eat, I'll die."

He does this to live. This is taking for the sake of living.

I ask him about the future. In the future, when he grows up, will he feel remorse for stealing? He looks at me and says, "I don’t even know if I'll ever get to grow up."

I understand -

Life is here and now, the instinct of survival is greater than anything else, and taking for the sake of living is not wrong.

Third image: I see nature. Cows in a meadow, trees, lots of green and quiet. I am disembodied, I am pure energy, and nature is showing me balance.

The tree doesn’t apologize to the sun for taking its light and warmth.

The cows do not apologize to the meadow for eating its grass.

Nature's balance is perfect.

I understand -

Nature is a clean slate, receiving and giving as per its needs, no less and no more.

Only humans disrupt this balance.

I'm leaving the records, integrating all the knowledge I gained with my physical body.

I feel something in me has changed.

Something in the way I look at receiving and giving, my desire to give and the way I give - has changed.

I am in awe - how one session provides so many insights, understandings, and growth.

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