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What do you know about Karma?

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Everything is karma to him. Karma, karma and karma.

My youngest son says "That's karma" about anything that happens to anyone. When

something bad happens to someone: "That's karma"; when something good happened to

someone: "That's karma".

He's only 11 years old and it's kind of cute the way he understands karma. It's real, it's basic.

And no, he didn’t get it from me. At this point in my life I look less at karma as cause and

effect, and in fact, my focus is not on karma but on how it can be changed.

So let's talk karma:

Karma, according to various approaches, is the reality that is expressed in cause and effect.

According to karma, if someone hurt you - it's because they're paying you back for

something you’ve done to them in a past life; and if your life is good - it's because you

earned it in a past life.

Of course, if someone hurt you and it's because of a past life, the question is: how can you

change today, so that in the next life you don’t cross paths again, you don’t hurt them and

they don’t hurt you.

I'm not very fond of reward and punishment philosophies. And I also don’t like so much the

notion of being good in this life for the sake of the next life, nor for the sake of a heavenly

court. I prefer to live fully in this incarnation.

That is why I prefer the approach by which karma is the accumulation of our previous lives;

energy with which we come into this world, and into this current life, and that karma can be


All information, good and bad, is kept in the Akashic Records, and karma is the mass of

information from the Akashic Records, with which we have chosen to come here.

If I come into this world with information of a sense of not belonging - all my experiences in

this life will reflect the notion "I do not belong", and everything I do, whatever connection I

make, will only reinforce this notion.

But the Akashic Records also contain the information about all the times in which I did feel

like I belonged.

Abolishing karma means letting go of the information with which I came, and allowing other

information, contained in the Akashic Records, to enter my life.

Based on this approach, any therapy, whose goal is change, is actually about changing one's


Personally, I like working directly with the source.

Therefore, Karmic Constellation is one of my favorite ways to change karma, and bring new

energy into our lives; Energy that supports us and allows us to be closer to ourselves.

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