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How are your relationships?

How is your marriage?

Is your relationship good?

About eight years ago, I went to a medium. She told me that I shouldn’t continue being married to my husband and it was time to get divorced (in all honesty, she read my deepest feelings).

Several weeks ago, a friend told me that she had gone to a marriage counselor: he had evaluated the relationship between her husband and her and had told them that they had nothing more to do together.

I, actually, nearly divorced. The one who did not agree to listen to the medium (and thank God for this) was my husband.

He sees life a bit different then I do 😊

I love to diagnose things and from my perspective, Constellation offers me an amazing diagnosis tool.

To diagnose but without reaching definitive or conclusive answers. It is not my role to say to someone if yes/no to divorce (or, vice versa, to marry—or to switch jobs, etc.)

The Constellation diagnosis, in my viewpoint, is a diagnosis of “here and now”—the inner map of my client.

And my goal is to generate a movement in this inner map. A movement that will lead to a new way of seeing things.

The diagnosis gives me the ability to see beyond. There is no channeling or anything mystical. Not at all. Here there is the possibility of giving space to everything that wants to be expressed—to be expressed and to show me, as a therapist and facilitator, the situation in which my clients find themselves.

Therapy, guidance, and counseling offer an enormous amount to families that reach out to receive them.

I believe and have experienced that using Constellation, even only as a diagnosis tool—make the therapist/facilitator/guide/counselor more accurate in his or her ability to provide guidance.

And the client gets a deeper perspective on his life

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