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A channeled message about Belonging and Consciousness

Nations, peoples, nationalities…

Above all else, people need a sense of belonging.

Nationalism and religion are the first and foremost to give us this, and are at the basis.

The sense of belonging is one of the oldest senses. It is the most necessary, the most human, the most basic, that a person needs and strives for.

And you’re prepared to give up a lot of yourself, of your soul, and even your spirit, for that need to belong.

There are many definitions for a people or a nation, and they are complex.

They depend on narratives, on history, and on interests and politics.

For many of you, it feels dangerous to leave these places and move on to other perceptions, because it means losing your sense of belonging; your connection.

DNA connects you. Your place of birth connects you. Language connects you. Nationality connects you.

There are places where these are all a single identity. If you were born Jewish in Israel, your nationality is connected to your DNA.

If you were born Palestinian in the occupied territories, your nationality, your sense of nationalism, is connected to your DNA.

If you were born Jewish in the United States, or Jewish in England, your nationality is suddenly different. You’re English. You’re Jewish, but you’re also English. You have another identity.

It’s true that all (or most) Jews, wherever they are, feel a connection to the Land of Israel (perhaps not to the State of Israel). All Palestinians, wherever they are, feel a connection to Palestine.

It is narratives that turn a people into a nation.

It is borders that turn a space into a homeland.

Narratives create rituals, create identity.

Borders create distinctions. And the more the narratives are told, the more they come true. The more they are told, the more they manifest.

And so, even though the story of Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael is an ancient biblical story, the spiritual work that was done in the last month to clean the energies from there, was immeasurable [we’re talking about the energetic work that was done during October, 23-E.Y].

Why is that?

Because you tried to clean up a narrative. A narrative you grew up with. A narrative that echoes the war between the Palestinian people and the Jewish people...that is not necessarily relevant.

But you’re looking for something to hold on to.

Again, borders create belonging.

DNA or religion creates belonging.

Who would you be without borders? Without boundaries?

Who would you be without belonging?

How difficult it is for a person to wander around in the world, to be a nomad who doesn’t belong.

Even when God told Abraham to “Go forth” He gave him direction and a future sense of belonging.

You’re fighting for your belonging, for certainty.

That belonging is what makes you a nation.

And that belonging creates joy and connection or sacrifices.

Which consciousness would you prefer to develop?

A people or a nation does not have a karma, although it’s very easy to search for it.

There is consciousness. And consciousness creates reality.

And you need to create this reality.

We admit, there are realities that are easier to create.

There are places in the world where it’s easier to create a different reality.

We want to bring up Rwanda here, as a place that’s not perfect and that experienced an immense crisis.

That rupture changed the consciousness.

It changed the wars created by the same entities who created the war here.

Raise the flag, change the consciousness.

Change your consciousness, because, dear people, you are still in the consciousness you were in before the war.

Create a new consciousness.

This is the invitation.

Create a new consciousness of the new thing you want to create.

It’s a conversation about belonging, more than anything else.

You can belong to more than one place.

It is a choice.

It is the readiness to release and let go of everything you knew.

If you don’t succeed this time, it’s okay.

The opportunities for change are always there, and we are with you on your journey.

We are God.


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