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The Levels of the Soul

A discourse on the levels of souls

How linear of you to talk about the levels of the soul instead of seeing the oneness and unity in it. It is the person who is split, not the soul. The soul can also split, and its characteristics when it descends to Earth are different from its characteristics when above. How it is, is not on different levels of the soul. Perhaps what is correct is as the Kabbalah said: The soul of below, and the soul of above. And indeed, as Yael has experienced in karmic constellation sessions, there is a very human layer in the soul, but it’s not a level, it’s a layer.

To become a human being, to be materialized in matter, it’s as if the soul is hiding from its own light, taking away parts of itself. It shrinks, but it’s not different layers of the soul, it could be called phases.

The soul has several phases, but it is one. Ultimately, souls are a high and noble thing, even if its form on Earth is that of a murderer. Hitler too, and on October 7th …these are human beings who did the act, not the higher essence of their souls. Even if their soul volunteered.

The soul is one, it has no levels. When you break it down, perhaps you can see layers. It’s a little like a whole cake: When you slice it, it turns into pieces, but each piece contains everything the cake does. The cake itself is the whole thing. It has pieces, not layers.

The soul has no levels, it has one level, the divine light. And you constantly seek the divine light within you. That’s the only thing worth seeking when you’re here…your divine light, and the divine light of the other.

When you try to divide the soul into levels, you’re being human. You’re trying to understand something in a linear mind that’s not linear. Things don’t work that way.

Karmic constellation manifestations are one way in which the soul is revealed to you in a single form. The higher self is another manifestation. This is not a level. Don’t call it a low level and a high level because calling it a low level implies that it’s not divine, and divinity is one. And the soul is divine.

Its expression can change. There are no levels to the soul. Your need to ask about the levels of the soul is due to the fact that in the karmic constellation you see a quality or an expression that is very similar to the human form. Within yourself, you try to solve how the human form can exist if the soul is divine. Well, maybe like an actor it can appear in different forms. The question is how you approach this, where you approach, and what you ask. And here we’ll say that the karmic constellation works on a more human expression, we won’t even call it lower, just a more human form of the soul. The entanglements.

When you meditate and meet your guides, you’re working at a higher manifestation. At a broader manifestation that’s closer to the divinity that you are. You’re less entangled with the human form.

We are with you,

The God

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