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A channeled message from 'The Group' about karma:

[This message is a message of healing. Saying that, please note that because it deals with trauma, it can be triggering.]

As you know, karma is an action, every action has a reaction that creates an action, and an action that creates a reaction. Getting out of the karmic cycle is to react differently. You’re still in the karmic cycle, but suddenly it looks and feels different.

Trauma causes you to repeat the same things time and again, out of the urge and desire to find healing; to bring change.

Do the Jewish people have karma?

We’ll say that when many individuals meet for one essence, then the collective creates action, creates belief, creates behavior, creates culture. The collective is bigger than anything else.

Some of you came here to influence the collective. In fact, you all came here to influence the collective. But you often lose yourself when you become part of the collective. The collective is stronger than the individual, and it’s not easy for the individual to be stronger than the collective.

Do the Jewish people have karma?

The Jewish people do have a role. Is this role its karma?

We don’t know if we would put it on the same tangents, even though today it certainly looks that way. Whoever chooses to be born Jewish is choosing to be born into a certain collective; choosing to be born into a DNA lineage that knew and knows hardships and obstacles; one with the memory of the trauma of persecution in its DNA…the Jewish people are a persecuted people no matter where you are or were.

Is it written to be this way?

Not necessarily. This is a belief, the trauma that leads to trauma, and you’re at a stage in which the trauma is as great as the purpose.

Heal the traumas, because the traumas are shadowing the light in you all; this, when your actions are driven by the traumas…and the actions of all of you, all the residents of this country, are driven by the trauma.

Yael was asked this week if it is possible to do collective work, and we want to say yes and no. Collective work is the work of healing the earth. Gathering in a particular place and sending energies to the earth can do much of the work, but at the same time, the real healing is within the individual.

When each and every person comes together and asks for healing for their soul, they’ll process the personal traumas they each experienced, because everyone who grows up in Israel has experienced some kind of trauma, whether they’re a three-month-old toddler or a hundred years old. The real work for everyone is personal work on their own trauma. Each person and their own intergenerational transference. Each person and their own family; and when that’s worked through, then there’ll be work on the collective.

You are all blind to your purpose, because your work is driven by fear, by apprehension, and by trauma.

The way to realize the purpose of the Jewish people is to shed the shells of the trauma. By each of you healing your own personal history, your collective history will be healed.

This is the time to look back at the generations, to bow your head, and say to them, “Your pain was unbearable. You lost many good people.” This is the time to look at the women in your lineage and say to them, “You were raped by strangers, and you had to bear that in silence;” to look at the parents and say, “Your children were taken from you by force and murdered despite their innocence;” to look at the children and say to them, “Your parents were murdered only in the name of a faith that didn’t suit your neighbors. We feel this pain of yours. No more.”

“We leave this pain with you. Thank you for the life you gave us. When our time comes to join our ancestors, we’ll do so, and come with you and to you. Until then, we leave the pain with you—for ourselves and for the generations to come.”

If every person in Israel, Arab, Jewish, Moslems, Christian or Druze were to do that, you would be able to live your purpose; to truly live your purpose; the Jewish purpose. And we’ll also add in regard to the Israeli purpose—and we said this in the previous channeling—there is a purpose for everyone who lives in Israel. Bedouin, Druze, Jew, Arab, Muslim, Christian.

No one is here for no reason. No one has chosen to come here by mistake. You are messengers of peace who are led by a painful and blood-soaked land, who are led by a personal and societal history of death and persecution on all sides. This is the time to bring healing to it. It’s time to choose your purpose instead of trauma.

It’s time to heal your personal energy and send it to the collective so that the collective will undergo change. We know that our request is challenging in this period of great pain for all parties. Yet this is what will bring peace.

We hope that we’ve answered your question about the differences between karma, trauma, the karma of the Jewish people, and purpose.

We are here at this time because it’s important to us to encourage you, the Jewish people of every kind, in your work.

This is the time for healing.


The Group

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