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A channeled message about Tikkun (Repair)

Repairing and fixing. A hammer and nail, and we’ll fix everything. Ye, ye, that’s what tikkun (repairing) is. In Hebrew, the words fixing (tikkun), standards (teken)),to correct or fix (letaken), and enactments (takkanot) all share the same root. The whole idea of a fix (giggles). We’re very, very amused. It’s just human flagellation, as if with the wave of a hand one could plug holes, pick up a hammer and nail, knock it into the wood, and that’s it, we’ve fixed it. We’ve put it back together.

Fixing. It all stems from the fear of the unknown; from the desire to please; to stand before some Almighty Father and improve your ways. It’s not to say that you don’t have to improve. As human beings, you will always strive for more. Saying that, if you were only to see your perfection, the perfection that is you…. It is the aspiration to move forward, to improve and invent, that drives humankind.

You need to remember that in the past, there were no words for personal development. There was no place in it for all the spiritual discourse of today that talks about self-improvement. But there was room for repair. The people of the past saw the world as whole and perfect. The Jewish mystic, known as Ha’ari (Rabbi Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi), saw the world as whole and perfect. He saw the damage in human beings. And he saw the potential for development of each and every person. But he knew that he still didn’t have the language to speak of it, the language of Kabbalah, the language of leaders, of the Sanhedrin, which is a language of correction and repair. As such, there is the need to repair.

It is easier for people to understand repairing, reward and punishment, than to understand personal choice, primarily on the spiritual level. Because the human mind is incapable of perceiving a traumatic event like October 7th as a spiritual choice.

You are so confined to your body, your personal and family cultural concepts, that you don’t know how to separate your soul from your “I,” your “self.”


Your self is different.

Repair is a language of personal development created in a world and time and dimension where there was no choice.

One of the things that is being renewed in that energy, which is a transition between the ages, is the right to choose. This is a move that began some 200 years ago. With choice for women, for slaves, for countries…with more and more voices calling people to take personal responsibility and make choices, the language changed.

Repair has become a personal choice, and as such, when Michael Newton studied people, he studied people regardless of religion or of culture that encourages personal choice. This is also what’s in his books, we assure you that any other concept of “I must” or “I will be punished” has been removed from the book.

Yael’s father, too, came to her and said, “This is something that I had to do.” And actually, there are both elements in the channeling of Yael’s father. There is the element of choice: We can say that the word “purified” in “I wanted to be purified as a soul,” is like the word “repair,” “And because I wanted to be purified as a soul, I had to go through what I went through, and it felt like a punishment.”

The range is not “either or,” it is “both this and that.” You both repair and choose. Saying that, the choice is spiritual and the perspective won’t always be that way. The human perspective makes it easy for people to feel they are being pushed, that they are being forced, that they need repairing, rather than taking responsibility for their life and choices.

In the age of energy shifts and the movement of the stars toward new energies, we want to invite you to turn repairs into choices; to own them; to take problems on them; to understand that the repair is not a punishment, but rather a choice. What will you do with your choice? Hmm... it’s already up to you as human beings. There is the choice of the soul, and there is the choice of the person.

As we’ve said, and as I wrote in my book Karma Healing: Unblock Your Karma and Change Your Life, we don’t always have the same choices here. A person will not always choose according to their soul’s desire or need. The person won’t always repair, complete, or experience. At the end of the day, they are all experiences. Repair doesn’t stem from the perception that there is corruption. Repair comes from the essence of the enactment, of enacting, and an enactment is like the laws of karma. Looking at the laws of karma is what drives the reincarnations. The transmigrations. And repair is a way to connect things that were disconnected in previous incarnations; to create a correctional balance or a repair for the field of the soul.


We are here,

The Extension of the Stars and the Beings of Light.

We came to convey this message to you with love.


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