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A channeled message about Passion

. Passion is something that makes humankind unique. Passion is something that makes a planet unique. It doesn’t exist in other places. You often confuse passion with fervor, or with a survival instinct. If you look at animals, they don’t live according to any passion, even though you tend to see the sexual act as an expression or act of passion. In the human experience of the sexual act, there is also passion. But passion is actually being. It is energy. Beyond being life energy and the energy of the drive for any action, passion is a driver of progress.

Do all human beings have passion? No. Many times you have the ability and tendency to kill your passion because of preconceptions, misconceptions, and social and family cultural conditioning.

There is curiosity in passion. Curiosity is an element of passion. A curious person, a person who explores is a person who has passion. You tend to mix up passion with sensuality. You tend to confuse momentary desire with passion. And then people say, “I have no passion.” In fact when, a person says they have no passion, it’s because something in their life impulse has been extinguished. Passion is the drive to live.

Passion is separate from mission, separate from purpose. Passion is basically being. It is the love of life, the enjoyment of life. It’s not connected to one profession or another, one occupation or another. A person can be on their mission and still not have any passion. A person can also live passionately without being on their mission.

Passion is our curiosity and openness to exploring life. This is the true highest and lowest essence of passion. Everything else is what come with it.

A person who lives out their passion is one who lives in true connection with themself. A person whose fire is burning, while all the other elements are balanced, doesn’t burn. That’s a person who appreciates life for what it is.

Passion is a frequency; a frequency that must be worked hard at. Because life as it is may damage your passion, it’s not easy to constantly maintain this kind of high frequency. Few are the people who manage to do this; to get up in the morning and face the new day with curiosity; with openness to what the day will bring, and with full acceptance of all that the day will bring…that is passion.

We believe that this isn’t necessarily what you expected to hear, because for you, the term passion is mixed up with many other terms. But since the question has been asked, we are here to make the distinction—and to ask you a question: How, dear people, can you get up every morning curious about the day and what it will bring? And curious about this day’s inherent possibilities for you?

When you think deeply about these questions, the passion will come.

We are yours and with you,

‘The Group’.

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