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Karmic Constellations Sessions

Undo Vows full workshop

Undo Vows full workshop


Many times, what stops us from living in our full potential are vows we have vowed to ourselves or others in this incarnation or in previous incarnations. 

Undoing vows can help us release stuck energy in our current life. 


In this online workshop, you will learn on vows and the way the effects our lives, and you will have the abelite to undo those vows


In this 1 hour and 40 minutes workshop You will get: 

  • 2 guided constrictive constellation

  • 1 guided meditation with the Akashic records


 There is no need for former experience in Karmic constellation (or constellation) and in the akashic records


    No cancellations or refunds. This product is an online session and once purchased, you will receive an email with the link directly.

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