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Karmic Constellations Sessions

Healing our sense of belonging from past lives

Healing our sense of belonging from past lives


What if the lack of belonging you experience in this life originates in previous incarnations?

Our primary belonging is to the Creator. The source that created everything, and then we separated from him as souls, and since then, we have been on a journey of personal-spiritual development and a journey back to the Creator.

What if the feeling of not belonging belongs there?

What if there is a way to heal the pain associated with the sense of belonging while still living here, being human, even if we have not definitively united with the Creator?

In the workshop, we will heal our soul lessons related to belonging.

And we will work with the Akashic records to strengthen the sense of belonging here and now.

What are spiritual lessons?

Things that the soul chooses to experience to grow and develop.

What are the Akashic Records?

The space of the soul, where all the knowledge about what the soul went through in previous incarnations is held.

Now it's your time to heal your sense of belonging and feel whole here in this world.


In this 1 hour and 20 minutes workshop, You will get: 

  • An explanation of soul lessons and the Akashic Records
  • 2 guided constellation


 There is no need for former experience in Karmic constellation (or constellation) and in the akashic records


    No cancellations or refunds. This product is an online session and once purchased, you will receive an email with the link directly.

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