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Karmic Constellations Sessions

Akashic Records - workshop

Akashic Records - workshop


What if you could change the present?


Put well into places of difficulty, Change relationships


Change perceptions of life and ways of coping?


By working with the Akashic records, we can understand the patterns of our lives and bring about change and healing.


The workshop for working with the Akashic records gives concrete tools for working with the records by understanding their ways of working as well as through guided meditation using tools from the Karmic constellation.


The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of the Akashic records, experiencing healing for themselves, and getting a tool for themselves and their clients.


No prior knowledge of the constellation and/or knowledge of the Akashic records is required.


In this 2 houres workshop, You will get: 

  • 2 ways of working with Karmic constellation

  • 2 guided meditation of going in the Akashic records


    No cancellations or refunds. This product is an online session and once purchased, you will receive an email with the link directly.

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