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A channeled message about the soul choince

First we’d like to say that nothing is black and white, and there is no right and wrong. The aim of consciousness, the aim of the collective, the aim of human development, is to move forward. It is evolution. And even when that progression can choose to be a choice of sinking, it is still a choice going forward.

There are the spiritual choices you make before you go down to the planet, there are the human choices you make, and there are the spiritual choices that happen while you’re conducting yourselves in the world.

Michael Newton describes the soul of a five-year-old girl whose spiritual lesson was to lose her legs in order to practice disability and development through that physical disability; how a moment before the event, which was under the complete control of her soul and body, her soul asked her body—the consciousness it is in—if it wanted to go for it. Her consciousness said yes. Then they jumped from the carriage, and the wheels ran over the girl, leaving her disabled. And despite the pain the girl experienced, the spiritual development that occurred there was high and fast, and the girl herself didn’t die from distress or hardship. Instead, she led a rich life from her bed. And there was still a moment there when her consciousness could have said that jumping wasn’t right for it, that it didn’t want to do it.

Our choices are there all along the way. The human body also has a consciousness of its own, as does the soul itself…what it wants to achieve while it works at the same time in full cooperation with the body. It works in full cooperation with human consciousness. With consciousness and the subconscious. And it often allows them both to lead.

You have so many choices throughout your life, and sometimes the choice between left and right is very clear, such as staying in a particular country or moving to another, which is lifechanging. According to all parameters, it’s a lifechanging choice.

Sometimes the choices are more minor, such as choosing not to get up in the morning to go to work and to stay in bed for another day. It’s seemingly not a lifechanging choice, but you don’t know who you’ll impact and who you impacted at the moment you made that choice; when you made that choice, how powerful it will be for someone else. You don’t know.

We’re not saying that every such act changes destinies. We’re only saying that the potential exists. The soul chooses its life knowing that it has the ability not to fulfill all its choices, including love, including parenthood, including occupation. Not realizing the choice isn’t failure, it’s simply not fulfilling it. And here too, there is a learning opportunity for the soul.

You choose where to be born, into which family, which culture, which religion, and which gender. These are the most powerful spiritual choices you are given. All the other choices have the potential to be realized or not realized.

We’d like to give you a concrete example. If we look at Yael, the vehicle who is speaking to us. Six weeks after she met her husband, she woke up one morning with full and absolute knowledge that she’d marry him; that Ziv would be her husband. At the same time, she could have chosen differently. The fact that there was this knowledge, that the soul planted in her the place that said, “This is what needs to happen,” didn’t require her at any time to act in that way. Yael’s childhood fears and traumas and experiences were just as powerful. She could have refused that spiritual choice and listened to her trauma and fear. That would have been okay. It would have sent her on a different path, to a different development, a different life experience that there is no need to get bogged down in because as soon as she didn’t choose it, it was all cancelled. But the potential for not realizing it was always there.

In every potential for choice, there is also the potential to not realize it. The two are almost equal and equivalent, and they are both acceptable to the Great Spirit. The most important thing that we’d like you to take away from this message is: Listen to your heart, because in the end, your heart is your truest compass. Not only for your spiritual choices, but also for your life. It is easier for the person who listens to their heart and who acts according to the path their heart charts out for them, to follow their soul’s path and act in harmony with their soul and with their soul’s choices.

It’s also okay not to. It’s important to us to tell you this, too. It’s part of the right to free choice and human development on this Earth. We accept and respect you and every choice you make in your life.

We are Yael’s group and higher self, and we are at your service.


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