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When to do constellation with representatives and wnen 1 on 1 is better

Today I did a Constellation session with representers.

Most of my sessions are one on one – just me and the person being guided (the client) at the clinic.

From time to time, I do sessions with representatives.

This means that people come to work with or for the person being guided (it’s best if you watch Another Self or Episode 5 of Love Sex and GOOP on Netflix to understand).

When do I choose to do sessions with representers?

  • When this is what the client asks for when making an appointment with me (many have watched the series Another Self, and want the same as there. They’re willing to compromise on the fact that I don't have an olive grove and that my name is Yael and not Zaman, but other than that, they want the same as in the series 😉).

  • When we’ve done a one-on-one Constellation session, and during the session I realized that it’s challenging for the person being guided to go beyond their own limits and what they think about things.

Sometimes, our hold on the familiar is so strong within us, that even though we want and wish for change, we grasp onto what we know.

Constellation is the possibility to go beyond the limits of what we’re familiar with.

Sometimes, as much as we want this possibility, it threatens us.

In this case, the representers allow us to go beyond our limits.

Representers do not have the limitations that the person has. Although they work from within the field of the guided person, and represent in it, they’re not subject to what’s hidden in the unconscious and they’re not intimidated by the guided person’s ego. And this allows them to offer deeper knowledge than the person being guided than they allow themselves when they’re on their own.

  • When the guided person is very overwhelmed by their own story and has a hard time with it/it scares them.

In a Constellation with representers, the guided person sits and seemingly doesn’t take part in the field. There is a representer for the guided person, another for the subject, and another who represents people or places or feelings related to the guided person and the field.

Distancing the guided person from their own story allows them to absorb and receive more information than if they were to stand on the felts and be in the field.

If you want to represent in a constellation session (it's free), you can join the silent WhatsApp group:

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