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What is the coloring of your book?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

What is the coloring of your book?

So where do you think you live, if not inside a coloring book?

(My husband says I live in a movie, but that's a story for a different post)

Coloring books come ready to use, with outlines and shapes for us to color.

But how we color them – that’s up to us.

We decide:

  • What materials to use - markers, chalk, colored pencils.

  • What colors to use – do we color the flower in realistic colors like red and yellow or in imaginary colors like brown and black.

  • Whether or not we stay inside the lines - and how it feels to go outside the lines.

  • Where to start coloring – do we start with the flower, with the woman, with the man; or if it's a mandala – do we start from the center out or maybe from the outside in. Or maybe we feel completely rebellious and start in between?

pic from: <a href="">Book vector created by rwgusev -</a>

Coloring books are like our lives - they are prewritten but we have the power to change everything.

And they are like our soul contracts - the outlines are the contracts. The coloring and the way we color is the way we fulfill our contracts.

Want to hear something cool?

If you don’t like what you colored; that’s fine.

You can ask for a new coloring page.

You can ask for and create new contracts.

And if you do your energetic / emotional / consciousness work, you may even create the outlines of your coloring page yourself.

Want to create your own coloring page?

You can do it!!

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