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Karmic Constellation can Improve your relationship

This week I met three women, all of whom were engaged in their marital relationship.

One said to me, "I have a hard time with my husband. I feel like I have a karmic relationship with him, and maybe I should fix that relationship. I do not know how to conduct myself. I want to change my karma with him."

The other told me, "I cannot find a relationship. None of the men I meet are suitable for me. Yes, I had relationships, but they do not last. Why?"

The third told me, "I'm having a hard time in my relationship. I want a divorce."

They all came to me for a karmic constellation.

I have explored the sources of difficulty in their previous incarnations with all three.

With each one, I came to a different soul story.

With the first - we checked her soul contract with her husband. That way, we could see the karma and change the contract.

With the second - we discovered a vow in her soul related to religion and prevented her from preserving marital systems.

To be in a relationship meant to act contrary to the vow she had made thousands of years ago.

With the third - we discovered that her relationship with her husband is about completing karma. What she "did to him" in another incarnation, he "does to her" now.

For all three, the sessions were one-off and created changes in their lives and relationships with their spouses.

A karmic constellation makes it possible to reach the source of the spiritual difficulty very quickly and release it.


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