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Do you feel stuck in your life?

With karmic constellation, you will understand why.

When everything that is related to my work with communities and groups felt stuck in my life, I wanted to find out why. And what better way to do that than a Karmic constellation session?

I put on felts to represent me, in this incarnation, groups, and for the time of trauma.

I stood on the representation of the time of trauma.

Suddenly I saw myself - a female warrior leading an entire village to war.

It was a war lost in advance. We knew this, and we preferred to die in battle than in our own homes.

It was the choice, and it was my responsibility to bear.

I stayed on this representation for long minutes,

Sees the scenario of decision making, going to war, and death.

I stayed frozen at that time for a long moment.

When I went down from the representation, I realized that there is much responsibility in leading groups and leading people.

And, indeed, the processes I'm going through today are not killing anyone,

But the memory of responsibility from that period was etched in my soul so firmly,

That memory has affected me here and now.

When I'm asked why 'Karmic constellation,'

I remember this story.


es, I have explored my difficulty and stuckness leading groups and communities from many directions and in many therapeutic ways, yet it has not been released or improved.

I kept feeling a big unknown gap that I held within me.

Working with the Karmic constellation allowed me to reach this disappearance in a short time, about 10 minutes, and give another angle to the experience I am facing in this incarnation.

We are the total experiences we have had since the day we were created as souls,

And everything we have experienced as a soul affects the "here and now" of our lives.

The more we know about those experiences, the less we are affected by them, and we have more control over managing our experiences and our lives Instead of them running us.

If you are interested in knowing how to work with karma

If you have the desire and need to resolve issues in your life by working with your karma

Contact me about the individual session or the upcoming training course.


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