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Constellation and Gene Keys

There are things I haven’t learned, and they aren’t part of my what I do, but they intrigue me.

I’m curious to find out how I can integrate them in representation work.

For example, the Gene Keys.

The Gene Keys is an approach, a perception, a way of seeing and of personal development that Richard Rudd developed.

There are 64 Gene Keys, and according to Rudd, working with them helps us get increasingly closer to our clean and full “I” and to becoming able to accept ourselves completely.


So we met at the Systemic Lab and set out to explore the Gene Keys through representations work.

Adi Paz, my friend and colleague who studies the Gene Keys and inspired me to do the Lab and research the subject, facilitated all aspects relating to the Gene Keys, and I facilitated the representations work.

In his book The Gene Keys, Rudd talks about life work, where life work represents our main energy – what we’re meant to bring to light.

He also talks about our evolution (as in learning) as the main challenge in our lives.

I decided to focus on these two, and each participant chose whether to work on their life work, or on their evolution.

Each of the Keys has three energy expressions: Shadow, Gift and Siddhi.

What interests me is the Shadow and the sources of the Shadow of us each.

The Keys are determined by our date of birth.

Before the session, each participant supplied their date of birth and received a map.

According to the map, the Gene Key of my learning is 34.

My Shadow is “force,” my Gift is “strength,” and my Siddhi is “majesty.”

We started by setting up representations – for “My Shadow,” “My Soul,” and “Me.”

When I stepped onto “My Shadow,” I immediately remembered a story from a previous incarnation. I saw myself as a Mongolian warlord who uses his force to kill, and I didn’t like what I saw.

At the same time, “My Shadow” told me that my fear of force stems from the bad use it had been put to, but that we also have the option of using it to have a positive effect; that force can be good in the world.

I already knew that, but I wasn’t convinced.

As we were seven women in the space, I checked with each of them what came up for her – a previous reincarnation, or something related to their family lineage.

Some knew, some didn’t.

For those who didn’t, I added two representations to the space: one for “My family” and one for “My karma,” and without saying what each felt represents, I asked them to say from which representation they were drawn more strongly to.

And so the session split into two:

Those who were called by the family story added their parents and checked which lineage the Shadow belonged to.

Those who were called by the karmic story added the incarnation in which the Shadow was created.

We stood again on the representations.

When I stood on the representation of the incarnation in which the Shadow was created, I saw a small, frightened boy.

I saw his life path from helplessness to force and control.

I understood and experienced that my real lesson is in dealing with the experience of helplessness, and in helplessness there are also options for coping.

I, in that incarnation, chose force, but there are other ways to deal with it.

We added more representations: for the first person in the lineage of the relevant parent, where the trauma that created the Shadow was created, and for “Me in the previous incarnation.”

The message that I kept receiving was a message of moderation: if force is used optimally, , everything is fine.

A question also came up: Force is influence, and influence can be beneficial, so how do we turn force into something beneficial?

In the session, we added representations for the Gift, which for me is strength, and for Siddhi, which for me, is majesty. The two added representations felt very good. They looked at all the other representations in the space, and felt harmony with everyone other than with “Me.”

They asked me to change the color of “Me’s” representation, which was greenish, to a color that would more closely match the colors in the field.

I stepped back on and the greenish color did suddenly feel unsuitable.

I changed it to a shiny purple and felt more connected.

Although we interpret the Shadow as something that’s not good, the Shadow is all in all an indicator.

It is a brake that keeps us from being something we don’t want to be, and my real work is not on force but on helplessness and its effects.

I don’t work with the Gene Keys.

As far as I understand, it is a cognitive approach for personal development.

But the Lab showed us that if we set up representations for the Keys and what they symbolize, inner movement and healing occur, and the process becomes faster.

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